VIVO FREE UNDEAD RESIDENCE : terror game version1.2 APK Download for ZTE


  • Nov. 25, 2014
  • 53
Survival horror Game

Feel the horror and suspense in this new game
back to the Student Residence, survive the zombies and escape the evil mansion for clues and objects in the dark to complete your adventure in this survival horror game

10 years ago, the zombie apocalypse was declared.
The Zarolinska Institute was researching in Europe
a new type of biological weapon when the lab exploded.
This became a worldwide pandemic.There were zombies everywhere.
Now, ten years later, society has been restored
but there are still many zombies out there.
you must looking for a vaccine for this terrible disease.
Now you must return alone to the evil residence

David Amado Fernandez part of our Action and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Nov. 25, 2014. ZTE rating is 67.4903. Current verison is for VIVO 1.2. Actual size 136.0 MB.

Download undead-residence-terror-game.apk 136.0 MB


Ryan Sanders at March 11, 2015

I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! It made me buy it twice and now won't let me download it. I'm a big fan of resident evil and want it on my mobile device either give me my money or update it so I can download it and my other 1.50 I still haven't received it

Luke Rigley at Dec. 26, 2014

Nice little survival horror The movement controls are pants and the writing is laughable but this is a well crafted tribute to classic survival horror, entertaining throughout, genuinely scary at points, and well worth the low price of entry.

Mario Galvan at Dec. 16, 2014

If you're a fan of resident evil... I really liked this game. The controls weren't the best but this is a game being played on a phone, so its not going to be that great anyway. I loved the graphics, I don't think they should be changed at all, and the wording in game needs to be fixed, but it's understandable. A save system would be awesome though, and I would like it to be longer, but in the end I enjoyed it very much. It brought back memories of playing classic survival horror games, and you can't put a price on that.

Barry Mclaren at March 29, 2015

Great bargain title, a brilliant homage to ResE The third person controls are useless but the 'Over the shoulder' ones are spot on and simple to use. Fave and most used weapon? The Crowbar. Looking forward to more of the same. Hopefully a Silent Hill with harder puzzles. Keep up the AWESOME work dude

Evan Kintner at Nov. 28, 2014

Great game, although too short. The third person controls are a little sketchy, but the OTS view is great to play with. *UPDATE* all cut scenes work. If you open a door or go down a ladder, try tapping the bottom right corner of the screen. This sometimes helps. Additionally, attempt to kill all enemies (bosses included) before going down the ladder. Overall a great little game, but very VERY short. Id like to see what he does in the future!

Aaron Willman at Nov. 28, 2014

Glitch that locks up my screen after finding coins and after putting arm on statue. No save makes it a pain when you have to go back and pick up everything. Great start, but could be better. Could be a lot better.

Andrew Bowles at Dec. 21, 2014

Great Good game not long but worth the price, I would say I can't read the text but minor, happily pay for more, good development project,

Joselito Thesenuts at Dec. 17, 2014

Good The game is decent, but is there a way to save? And please continue to make more like it. Thanks you, this is something I have been waiting for on the app store for the longest. THANKS

Mark Wilkinson at Jan. 13, 2015

Got to the bit where you go down the trap door screen went black.Total RUBBISH 0 stars

Darren Grainger at Nov. 29, 2014

Good game It's easy worth under a £1 but can't exit the game...and you don't know we're about it saves when you close it on your phone??

Tim Sperl at Nov. 25, 2014

Awesome game! This is a great game! Its a spinoff of the original resident evil! It could use a little better graphics and realism but nevertheless still a great game well worth the $1.50!

Julie Triplett at March 10, 2015

Can someone tell me where the first old key is located?

George Harding at Dec. 14, 2014

Shame Would of been a good game if the writing wasent small that you carnt read will change my rating when fixed.

Derek Carter at April 5, 2015

Can't find the old key

Eric Truman at Feb. 20, 2015

Good but when go down to basement it freezing do that and I will. U 5stars

limzog9 at March 10, 2015

Get me some bug spray Game screan keeps gooing black when you try to go in to base ment it would be nice if this game would work I know its only 69 p or some thing but it could atleast work ,God Damm it.

Mark Gibson at Dec. 11, 2014

Crashed half way through!

Jonathon Brandenburg at Nov. 22, 2014

Awesome Great Game man love resident evil this is one good spin off your definitely on to some thing I can't wait for undead residence 2

lissie fromseattle at Nov. 22, 2014

a hilarious and fun mess why did the world "declare" a zombie Apocalypse? why is the student building in the middle of the woods? why is a zombie extermination company a thing? don't ask just laugh and shoot!

Nathan Davieau at Nov. 24, 2014

Potential This game has a lot of potential. I love the ability to pick between fixed and OTS camera angles. Classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill feel. The zombies fall apart when you hit them too. It just needs some bugs fixed and the ability to save your progress. I ran into a bug where I get a blank screen (music keeps playing) when I enter the cafeteria after picking up the coin. Also, glitch if you fall into the hole upstairs. If the bugs get fixed and save rooms are added, this game is easily 5 stars.

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