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  • Sept. 19, 2016
  • 26
PrimeNap is a sleep tracker and sleep cycle alarm clock that enables you to graph your sleep patterns and wake up at the perfect time feeling refreshed.

✔ Free sleep tracker (graphs all sleep stage estimates: Awake, REM, N1, N2, N3 deep sleep)
✔ Sleep cycle alarm clock with up to 40 parameters (small in-app purchase, can be tested for 2 weeks)
✔ Multitouch snooze (5 minutes per finger)
✔ Cinema/Night mode screen dimmer with optional red filter
✔ Dream journal with custom dream sign recognition
✔ Sleep stats for user-specified daily activities
✔ Sleep sounds that stop automatically once the app thinks you have fallen asleep. Choose your own music or from a range of included sounds.

Alarm components
☆ 1st component: Wake-up light - any custom image or screen color
☆ 2nd component: Nature sound - here you can choose from a range of included sounds
☆ 3rd component: Ringtone - your custom mp3 music file
☆ 4th component: Vibration - a configurable pattern of vibration pulses

Included sleep sounds
☆ Air-conditioning
☆ Crickets
☆ Fireplace
☆ Fishtank
☆ Rainstorm Indoors
☆ Seashore
☆ Train Travel
☆ Water Flowing
☆ and many more sounds that will guide you to sleep

Benefits of using a sleep tracker and sleep cycle alarm clock
With modern day work schedules, our sleep patterns have become widely irregular and oftentimes much shorter than they should be. PrimeNap Sleep Tracker can help you analyze your sleeping patterns and correct them if necessary. Using PrimeNap's smart alarm functionality, you can avoid being pulled out of deep sleep by a well-meaning time-based alarm clock, and instead wake up gently after sleep cycle completion and thereby simulate a natural awakening.

How it works: Movement during sleep is known to roughly correlate with the actual sleep stages obtained by polysomniography. This sleep movement is registered by the phone and translated into fairly accurate sleep cycle information.

Recommended use: Use this sleep app with proper hardware. If convenient, switch on airplane/flight mode to minimize any emissions. Reboot or close other apps that might cause the phone to heat up during the night.

PrimeNap part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Sept. 19, 2016. ZTE rating is 70.5556. Current verison is for VIVO Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download sleep-tracker-3.apk 20.0 MB


Larry Woofter at July 9, 2016

This app is dope

Athena Godess at July 5, 2016

Literally the best Can't describe how good it is in words.

Kathleen Morales at July 3, 2016

Buyers beware! I have noticed that each time I choose to view the sleep patterns after selecting the "awake" option that the application is unable to respond and closes. Despite repeated reports and even an actual account of what happened, I have gotten no solution. I paid for the full version of this app and I'm incredibly sorry I did this far. I would have done better to help a homeless person with that money. This application is NOT worth the money, either use the free version or another app! Buyers beware!

debra bohachevsky at June 29, 2016

Fun to look at in the morning Interesting little app. I wish it had a few more instructions. The green bed circle, is left on and slide it right to turn off? Couldn't really tell when I was playing with it. Alarm has a lot of settings, it would be nice if there was clarification as to what they all are. Some are obvious, some aren't. One funny thing. My cat slept on my phone one night, he gets some really great sleep!

Lucas 'Ktulu789' at June 26, 2016

Usd 3 for this crap? Bye

Tom Bryson at June 25, 2016


Marissa Lammon at July 8, 2016

Difficult to navigate The app is very difficult to navigate if you aren't familiar with it already. Hit the green bed button to explore what would happen, it started recording sleep, but I couldn't find a way to get it to stop. Also not sure if the actual data it collects is truly based on your movement or the average length of time you reach deep sleep. It may say it took you a full 90 minutes to reach REM (the average) when it really took you much less.

at Sept. 19, 2016

Loved it It is great, I love tracking my sleep and keeping a dream journal

Alison Morgan at Sept. 14, 2016

It is a ok app & it's interesting to see what my sleep quality was in the morning but when I wake at night I check the time & often it won't register my awake times even tho i get out of bed each time. It would also be better if the red filter would stay on after activation. It turns off after a short time of using my phone. The red filter is the main reason I downloaded this app as I use my phone most nights before bed & I wanted to eliminate the bluelight issues while doing this.

Rebecca Tibbitts at Sept. 13, 2016

Pretty Lit Just wish there was more things on the free version of the app. Other than that, it's pretty chill. I'd recommend it

dhruvab5 at Sept. 18, 2016

Amazing app. I alike brightness and sleep sounds function. Some work on the alarm needs to be done. It doesn't seem to ring

at Sept. 14, 2016

Love it I love this app it's amazing

Annie Nonymouse at Sept. 17, 2016

Ok-ish! It is very accurate but alarm not best and tracker shuts off at random times! I saw this in reviews and chose not to believe it but I'm so sad. Love this app anyway! Great features and I sleep longer! Thanks prime nap!

Katmerka Kurtovic at Sept. 7, 2016

In app ads! I would suddenly get a loud ad running in the app even though my sound is turned off, very disturbing!

Kellie Laird at Sept. 5, 2016

One best apps around Fantastic app one the best around

Lisa Aguirre at Aug. 13, 2016

A bit confusing I like this app..I'm just having a hard time understanding the hypnograph and the peaks in the graph. .

Amanda Chance at Aug. 18, 2016

Works well Simple interface, no big issues. It has a red filter which is nice for nice. In the morning, the brightness turns on to the fullest which is a bit harsh to the eyes.

Genie Maz at Aug. 4, 2016

Woke up today, alarm did not go off and it was frozen

Rachel Schwartz at Aug. 6, 2016

Hate I hate it because it doesn't even even set if your on Wi-Fi

guppyspace1 at Aug. 7, 2016

Does not work

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